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Humanity is extinct. All the daily worries, half-finished things, and accumulated stress went in search of a new host. Their search ended deep in the wilderness and who did they find? Cute forest animals, of course! How will these sweet, fluffy little creatures cope with mental illnesses that was previously completely unknown to them? Guide them through their everyday lives. After all, today is the first day of the rest of their lives…but how will it end? It’s all up to you! It could easily end up with you in a psychiatric hospital, no offense. (EVIL LAUGH)

Deep of Mine is not even remotely a friendly card game. Our cute forest animals will be struck by everyday problems and negative thoughts brought on by cards (like Phobias) played against them by the other players. The player will need to keep their wits about them so their woodland creature can fend off the growing numbness inside.


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How to play

N. Sane Win

Your goal is to collect 7 Moments in your Mind and reach the +15 level of your Mentality. Under the weather, feeling terrible yourself, you wouldn’t be happy to win the game either.

Bunch of Cool Cards

Please your fellow players by gifting them with Disorder Cards, suprise them with Impact Cards and protect yourself with Recovery Cards. Avoid Fracture Cards (we have to say, they are not good cards), these will put your life at risk! Intervention cards will, well… interfere with the gameplay. Stay sharp like a blade, but don’t harm yourself, please! Btw, have you been to a psychologist lately? In this game, animals do human things. It’s crazy. Go, find a shrink before it’s too late!

And action!

Use your pre-turn card effects first! Redeem your Fragments for Actions. Draw a card (or two). Play a card (or two). Be nice with the other players! Place a Phobia or Illness Card to their active Moment Cards for them to take a negative effect! Take a positive effect for yourself with a Recovery Card. What else? Yes! Erase, Steal or Lock a card in the Minds of your friends opponents. Use your own Subconscious discard pile and your Ability cards. Use them well while you still can!


Be Prepared for the Game! ROAR!

     Download english game rules (.pdf)

     Download hungarian game rules (.pdf)


Try it for free!

We have created the official, free Tabletop Simulator DLC from the current state of the base game, up to 4 players! It is not the final product, but it is 100% enjoyable! Gather your friends and play a good one!

If you tried it, please give us a feedback (how did you like it, what do you think about the cards, the message, etc.) at [email protected].

Explore the deepness, you crazy diver!

Red panda, Racoon, Bunny and their friends await you! Really!

Deep of Mine combines all the things that I enjoy now: psychology, board games, drawing, animals and working in a great team. I am so grateful to be a part of this project. I hope we will bring this game to life and make many other good things together like extensions and artbook.
Aleksandra Filatova
Illustrator / Creative

Hard game, hard life? Nope!

It's just a game!?

You may have different thoughts, questions about life or even about yourself while playing. This is absolutely normal. At the end of the game, however, keep in mind that you've only played a game, and you can actually work on the negative things you face in life, you can defeat them! Life is not so sh@tty.

Great party game

Whether there are two or more players, a good atmosphere and fun is almost guaranteed. Everyone loves to be evil, so you can’t go wrong if you ignite this game at a gathering!

Easy game rules

Once someone has meticulously read through the rules of the game, it is much easier for them to explain the basics. The game isn’t overly complicated, though there are a few things to keep in mind. Violators can be easily knocked down by players with a certain ability!

Let's talk about it!

Once again! Mental illness, depression, self-blame, etc not easy topics of conversation, not particularly easy to talk about, but we can't sweep them under the rug. They are here, and you will meet them in the game also. Start conversations with your friends, don't ignore them. If you feel overwhelmed by something deep you can't handle on your own, talk to a professional.

Play anywhere you want

Since this is a light (does not weigh too much) card game, you easily can take it with you anywhere. Okay, okay, you'll need some space to squeeze it in, but hey, that’s just a problem that needs to be solved, right?

Collect them all

There is plenty of room in the main box for some (future) extensions/expansions. And while none are yet available, we thought of it! High five!



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Many things are done! We have all the card names, card effects, player boards, box design. The game is fully playable now. We found a manufacturer that will produce the game. Also the cards are being illustrated. It is currently at about 30%. That’s why we need your support at our crowdfunding campaign to get the graphics done, and to make our dream come true!

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Please, don’t wait with your purchase during the campaign. Why? The first and our target language of the game is english, because we can reach worldwide the most people with this edition. But this also requires a successful campaign! Only after this wave (finishing the cards, manufacture, dispatch, etc.) we can start working on the localization at all! But it takes so much time and effort, so get the english version when you can. You can sell it later to collect the localized version if you wish!

We would like to translate the game to: Hungarian,  Russian, German, French, Italian, Spanish. If you are interested in another language, let us know.

Yes, of course. If you don’t like the game (eg. it makes you too depressed), send it back within 2 months after you purchased it and we will refund your money!

The Base Game is designed for a maximum of 4 people. In order for 5-6 players to play the game, you need to get the 5-6 Players Extension Pack. You will get 2 Player Boards, 50 extra cards and 1 alternative Intervention card to enhance the game! Good deal, right?

Read the About page on the site to learn more about this.

Unfortunately, we do have some experience, especially in the area of depression. Zoltán had some very bad periods, so he knows what he’s talking about. Regarding the cards, we also consulted with a psychologist and included her suggestions in the game as well.

Absolutely! Our primary goal with the game was to initiate a conversation on that topic. We will make you talk about heavy things sugarcoated in the sweetness of the artwork. We certainly hope to evoke a lot of positive thoughts about life and the ways life is worth living with the cards’ descriptions.

We have a ton of ideas! 🙂 Card names for several expansions have already been written, also for gameplay extensions, and later with a bigger board game in the world of Deep of Mine! We can’t wait to show you a few of our brand new ideas!

Mine Games presents ‘Deep of Mine – Life is not a pancake’
A Game by
Zoltán Jakab Illustrated by Aleksandra Filatova
Key Tester Borbála Jakab-M  Nap Supervisor Mizu, our black antisocial kitty
Manufactured by Fabryka Kart, Poland  Shipped from Budapest, Hungary Introduced on Ulule
Special Thanks to Gábor Varga  Adrienn Varga-Bilik  Mónika Vadászné Varga  Mihály Dunai
Ferenc Szekeres  József Csirke  Dávid Martha  Baker Odom  Jean-Michel Poole
Created, Developed, Produced, Written and Directed by Zoltán Jakab (and his lovely wife)